Organic manure price per ton

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5 (32). 59 and $91. PACKAGING: 1KG, 25KG. This compost manure has several benefits in the plantation or farming.

10 tons/acre.



Can this be supplied with manure alone (lab analysis is 3.


IndiaMART Get Best Price. . 48. 5 Yrs.

It's suitable for flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as roses, trees and shrubs. 5. Jan 1, 2018 · Assumptions for graphs: Price of nutrients was assumed to be $0.

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The Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure is a rich organic compost ideal for use all around the garden, making it perfect for mulching, planting and soil conditioning. The Green Markets North American Fertilizer Price Index is hovering around an all-time high at $1,072.

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51 per acre ÷ 2.

Jun 27, 2016 · Poultry manure, sheep manure and cow manure (FYM) are the bulky organic manures, containing very small amount of nutrients especially primary nutrients viz. N, 23 lbs.

Recycled Gypsum (Ca 23, S 17.

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High protein feeds made with products like these can be worth up to $500 per ton. . However, 1 ton manure per acre plus 500 lb feather meal or blood meal per acre would. 5-2-2 on an “as-is” basis)? The calculator estimates that 2.

Can this be supplied with manure alone (lab analysis is 3. . Manure Sample (lbs per ton) % Available Actual Availability Dollar Value per Ton of Manure Nitrogen: Organic Ammonium Nitrate Total available pounds of nitrogen per ton of manure. .

Vrindavan Farms Compost Manure is made from pure desi cow dung.

Also, the girth (cm) of sunflower stem was significantly influenced by application of different rates of chicken manure and NPK fertilizers. com. The table below shows the N, P and K values in manure from a.

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Industrial waste is the highest-yielding feedstock, able to provide around.

. If we only think about nutrients, we do not recognize the full value of the manure. P 2 O 5, $0.

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Total Gross Value of Manure : 0.

$18. NPK, which has to be applied in bulk. Solid cattle manure with values of 11 lbs. P 2 O 5, $0.